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A bumble bee enjoying lavender at The Lavender Field

The Lavender Field Apiary

Lavender and Bees - go together like a symphony

As we embarked on our journey with The Lavender Field, we were drawn to the mesmerizing sight of honey bees and bumblebees buzzing among our lavender blooms. Recognizing their vital role in pollination, we eagerly delved into the art of beekeeping in 2021.

Now, envision the purest essence of lavender, freshly harvested from our fields and delicately blended with unfiltered honey. The result is a jar of heavenly decadence, a fusion of nature's finest offerings. Whether drizzled over breakfast delights or stirred into a cup of tea, our lavender-infused honey brings a touch of tranquility to every moment, soothing the soul and tantalizing the senses.

Honey bees & the Farm

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