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Aerial view of The Lavender Field

Our Story of The Lavender Field

The concept was a few lavender plants, just enough to make a few wreaths and sachets, with the added benefit of helping the endangered bumblebees at the same time!  Memories of the lavender plants that thrived near our front porch of our home and the bumblebees that covered them convinced my mom and I to go for it!


For our first attempt to grow lavender, we picked a sunny spot and carefully planted our first 70 plants. Months later we found out the hard way that lavender does not like rich soil or a lot of water. That summer happened to be one of the wettest on record for our area, only about 10 plants survived!

But we weren’t ready to give on this idea up yet, it just motivated us all the more! So, one cold winter day, upon browsing our suppliers website, and admittedly, with a bad case of “cabin fever”.......there were just so many beautiful varieties of lavender to choose from....I did what anyone would do....I ordered a bunch of each!  We spent the remainder of the late winter and early spring preparing and researching to ensure success!

The lavender plugs were shipped and the fun began! Now we knew what we were doing! We had truckloads of sand/rocks brought in to make the proper soil mixture. My husband, The Stonemaster, used the bobcat to make raised rows for our lavender. After a few hot, steamy weekends of work our lavender field was planted. Wow, a huge accomplishment!

In 2019 we were pleasantly surprised at how much our lavender field yielded and all the different varieties. Our plants were exceptional in 2020 and we hosted our first large public events for picking - it was a hit!

The process of cultivating lavender has taught us patience, perseverance, and the importance of working in harmony with the land. It's been a journey of discovery and growth, both personally and agriculturally, and we're grateful for every moment.


Now, as we invite you to visit our farm and experience the beauty of our lavender fields, we do so with hearts full of gratitude and excitement. We can't wait to share the fruits of our labor with you, to see the smiles on your faces as you wander through the fragrant rows of lavender, and to create memories together that will last a lifetime.


We invite you out to the farm seasonally in June and July to pick and share the beauty of our lavender field! 

Founders Kelly Schauff & Cindy Cappel

Our Lavender Varieties

Lavender Harvest

Essence Purple, Hidcoat, Sweet Romance & Munstead

The balance of the field is filled with English lavender or Lavendula augustifolia, a cold-hardy species that does well in our climate zone 6, with mild summer heat and long hours of daylight. The sweet fragrance of the true lavenders is ideal for culinary use, and the aroma and quality of the essential oil they produce. Several varieties are popular landscaping plants, and are also used for fresh and dried bouquets.

Phenomenal & Grosso

Half our farm is filled with Lavendula x intermedia, Phenomenal & Grosso varieties. These stunning plants produce large crop, with more long floral spikes than the true lavenders. 

Phenomenal is a French lavender hybrid - and it is phenomenal!  ‘Phenomenal’ plants form naturally soft. very large mounds of silvery green foliage. The flower spikes are deeply purple-blue and heavily scented, a magnet for a variety of pollinating insects.

Grosso is loved for its richly fragrant flowers and widely used for its oils, aroma, flavor, and visual appeal in both culinary and ornamental applications. The flower spikes are a lighter purples and a lovely addition to a dried bouquet.


Blessed mother & wife. IT Professional by day, hobby farmer on nights and weekends! Enjoys spending time with family & friends at the lavender field with the chickens, goats and bees!

Kelly Schauff

Kelly Schauff

Lavender Farmer

Proud mother, grandmother. Retired professional who enjoys spending time in the sunshine with her family and friends in the beauty of the lavender field she inspired!

Cindy Cappel

Cindy Cappel

Lavender Farmer

Awesome father & husband. 

Skilled handyman and outdoor assistant to The Lavender Field with all heavy lifting and anything involving big machinery.

Adam Schauff

Adam Schauff

Stone Specialist, Handyman, and Oil Painter


Proud Members of the USLGA

Kentucky Proud
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